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My Story

With 13 years of vocal study and 8 years of personal experience teaching, I am extremely passionate about the voice and helping my students learn to sing powerfully with minimal effort. My main goal as a teacher is helping my students achieve vocal freedom through vocal balance and health. Singing should be easy and effortless and when the muscles of the voice are balanced, the result is often magical. I am always continuing my education in the field to bring you the most current information available to get you the results you are looking for as quickly as possible. From beginners to advanced singers, everyone is welcome in my studio. I aim to ease any nervousness you might feel coming in and provide you with a safe, judgement free relaxing place to learn what you need to reach the goals you have in mind. I teach all genres of singing, ages 7-99. Book your consultation now for a full vocal assessment with me.


"Taking lessons from Brittney has taught my daughter to have confidence in herself and her abilities. She loves learning and looks forward to her lessons. Brittney provides an environment for her that is comfortable yet challenging. Brittney is simply a godsend for the confidence of my little girl."

Gaylynn Hansen

Listen to Brittney Sing

Find original music and covers sung by Brittney in the video and audio below.